Proper drainage of your property is beneficial in preventing damage to your land/home. We can create natural run-off, and channel the water away from your home and property. Some options for proper drainage include:

Reshaping the surface of your yard: creating natural run-off and channeling it away from your home and property.

French Drain: a french drain is a trench that no less than one foot wide and of various depths. It can be lined in landscaping fabric or encased in gravel. This will collect water from low areas and distribute by gravity flow to a designated area. French drains can be left with gravel exposed or sodded over.

Rainwater management also has many benefits to property owners. Increasing water demands, rising costs, mandatory restrictions and water quality concerns are some of the reasons for incorporating rainwater management solutions. A 2,000 square foot house may average 50,000 gallons of run-off per year that can be filtered, stored, and re-used to irrigate your property.

Backflow Testing

We provide testing and repairs on all testable backflow prevention devices installed on domestic and commercial sprinkler systems, as well as, commercial appliances. By having the backflow tested annually, you will help to ensure the drinking water supplied to your home or business remains safe. Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow in a potable (drinking) water distribution system, as a result of back siphonage or back pressure.

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